Instruction for getting access to Members Only Area of JET wiki

JET wiki is the collaborating wiki site for the JET Collaboration. Its public part is viewable to the public. But editing privileges for this public and access to the Members Only Area are limited to members and associated members of the JET Collaboration. This site is hosted by Google for LBNL. Therefore JET members and associates need a google account to gain the editing and access privileges. To request editing and access privileges, send email to xnwang-at-lbl-dot-gov or mueller-at-phy-dot-duke-dot-edu with your google account email address.

If you don’t have a google account, here is the instruction on how to create one. Note that you don’t necessarily need a gmail account in order to set up a google account (it is only one of the options). LBNL employees can simply use their LBNL email address and password to access JET wiki (after you are granted access privilege).

There is a "sign in" link at the left-bottom corner of this main page if you are not already logged in. After signing in, you can start to edit pages of this wiki site. Click Members Only Area on the left panel to gain access to the restrictive information. You have sign in again in order to edit the members-only pages.