Meeting on July 1, 2014

Discussion on TAMU vacuum hadronization code.

Meeting on July 10, 2014

Application of TAMU vacuum hadronization to WSU and Berkeley shower samples.

Meeting on August 5, 2014

Called and canceled due to conflicts of several key participants.

Meeting on September 11, 2014

Detailed comparison of WSU and LBNL vacuum showers. Update on TAMU vacuum code and applications. Discussion on simple medium effects.

Meeting on October 21, 2014

Discussion on how to include thermal parton information into the jetMC/hadronization framework.

Meeting on October 24, 2014

Talk by Chun Shen on iEBE and discussion on how to interface with the jetMC/hadronization framework.

Chun's slides: iEBE_package.pdf

Next Meeting: February 19, 2015, 10.45 am CST

Key Contacts

Rainer J. Fries

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