Parton energy loss

Scope: This working group will deal with the underlying pQCD based scattering and emission dynamics that forms the kernel of all jet modification calculations. All topics relevant to jet energy loss except hadronization, Monte-Carlo simulations, heavy-flavors and bulk evolution fall under the purview of this working group.

This page will contain a list of projects and developments carried out by the partonic energy loss working group. Please log into the members only page to view detailed status of each of the various projects and upcoming meeting schedules.


Tentative topics of research (page under development):

Beyond the TECHQM brick problem, resolution of the differences between various


Resummation of multiple scattering into a single gluon emission kernel for all formalisms

Comparison between different approaches for both single scattering and multiple scattering kernel.

Exploration of multiple emission dynamics

Jet quenching @ NLO, error estimation in single inclusive observables

Key Contacts

Abhijit Majumder(convener)


Important Links

TECHQM parton energy loss page