Collaboration Mission

JET Collaborations is formed to :

    • extend the theoretical framework for jet-medium interaction beyond soft and collinear approximations and thereby reduce uncertainties intrinsic to the current theoretical studies;

    • develop new and powerful Monte-Carlo algorithms for jet propagation and evolution inside a dynamic medium;

    • implement a realistic space-time evolution of the bulk medium in the jet-medium interaction as described by a combination of viscous hydrodynamics with parton and hadron cascades;

    • carry out systematic phenomenological studies of experimental data on single hadron (including heavy flavors) and photon spectra, multi-hadron and gamma-hadron correlation and jet shape.

The JET Collaboration will provide a unique environment conducive to collaborative work and know-how transfer among participating scientists, for close interaction between theorists and experimentalists and for training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with annual summer schools.

Members of the JET Collaboration

    • Miklos Gyulassy (Columbia University)

    • Paul Romatschke (University of Colorado, Boulder)

    • Steffen Bass, Berndt Mueller (Duke University)

    • Michael Strickland (Kent State University)

    • Xin-Nian Wang (co-spokesperson & project director) (LBNL)

    • Ramona Vogt (LLNL)

    • Ivan Vitev (LANL)

    • Chales Gale, Sanyong Jeon (McGill University)

    • Ulrich Heinz (co-spokesperson) (Ohio State University)

    • Denes Molnar (Purdue University)

    • Rainer Fries, Cheming Ko (Texas A & M University)

    • Abhijit Majumder (Wayne State University)

Experimental Liaisons

    • Peter Jacobs for the STAR Collaboration

    • Jiangyong Jia for the PHENIX Collaboration

    • Andreas Morsch for the ALICE Collaboration

    • Gunther Roland for the CMS Collaboration

    • Brian Cole for the ATLAS Collaboration

Associated Members

F. Arleo (LAPTH), N. Armesto (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), R. Baier (Bielefeld University), B. Cole (Columbia University), M. Djordjevic (University of Belgrade), K. J. Eskola (University of Jyvaskyla), E. Frodermann (Univ. Minnesota), C. Greiner (University of Frankfurt), T. Hirano (Tokyo University), W. Horowitz (University of Cape Town), P. Huovinen (University of Frankfurt), Z. Lin (East Carolina University), A. H. Mueller (Columbia University), J. Owens (Florida State University), Jian-wei Qiu (Iowa State University), R. Rapp (Texas A & M University), D. Rischke (University of Frankfurt), C. Salgado (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), B. Schenke (BNL), J. Stachel (University of Heidelberg), G. Sterman (SUNY Stony Brook), E. Wang (Central China Normal University), U. A. Wiedemann (CERN), B. Zhang (Central China Normal University)

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